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About Focus on the Clouds

Early in my life clouds began to catch my eyes. During school, I couldn’t sit by windows in class without being helplessly distracted. Later in life, if I needed to clear my mind, I’d just step outside...

Soon I began expressing this fascination artistically. In fact, this attraction has been one of the major muses for my photography and, as my domain suggests, this web site. And so it is also the purpose of the web site - to distract you for a few moments by sharing some of the scenes which have taken my attention in the past few years.

Latest Quote

Any man whose errors take ten years to correct is quite a man.
-J. Robert Oppenheimer, speaking of Albert Einstein


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New Photos!

...on my Flickr account, as normal:

Cherry Blossoms, Friends & Tulips
Vacation 2008 – Western Carribean Cruise & Key West
Memorial Day Weekend 2008

Read the Full Entry | Posted by Matt Harris on Sunday June 1, 2008

Photos from Lakeshore

I just returned from a week at Lakeshore where my wife led a Senior & Junior High Arts Camp. I worked during the day and played with the campers at night – quite an experience.

Anyway, I’ve posted some photos on my Flickr Account: Lakeshore Arts Camp.

Direct Link | Posted by Matt Harris on Sunday July 8, 2007


37signals bring up a great interview about the right time of differentiation. Check it out here .

Direct Link | Posted by Matt Harris on Friday March 30, 2007

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