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About Focus on the Clouds

Early in my life clouds began to catch my eyes. During school, I couldn’t sit by windows in class without being helplessly distracted. Later in life, if I needed to clear my mind, I’d just step outside...

Soon I began expressing this fascination artistically. In fact, this attraction has been one of the major muses for my photography and, as my domain suggests, this web site. And so it is also the purpose of the web site - to distract you for a few moments by sharing some of the scenes which have taken my attention in the past few years.

Latest Quote

“One very important aspect of motivation is the willingness to stop and to look at things that no one else has bothered to look at. This simple process of focusing on things that are normally taken for granted is a powerful source of creativity…”

-Edward de Bono


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Daily Diversions

These are the links I visit in an (almost) daily fashion.

General Diversions

I used to read their excellent gaming article, however, now I simply browse their Nightly Links.

Gotta check my <span class="strikeout">email</span> gmail.

I don't purchase new technology as frequently as I'd like, even so, this site has probably saved me over $1,000 in the last four years.

Hot Deals Club
I occasionally run into good deals on this web site... However, it's not as exhaustive as Techbargains.

The Inquirer
0-day tech news. Told unabashedly without fearing to step on toes.

Reviews and guides for hardware related items.

Tom's Hardware Guide
Exhaustive hardware reviews.

Digital Camera Reviews and News
Reviews and news for all things digital photography.

News on Microsoft and Windows from a somewhat objective source.

This one is obvious...

Washington Post
My local news source.

Tons of great tips on productivity and resourcefulness with a small dose of news.

43 Folders
Blog dedicated to improving your personal productivity.

Organizational Euphoria
Another blog dedicated to improving your personal productivity.

A guy sharing his personal finance knowledge, goals and methods.

Dane Carlson's Business Opportunities Weblog (New)
Opportunities, news, and links for small business entrepreneurs.

Agile Management (New)
Management blog...

Design Diversions

The guy that helped me (and everybody else) understand the power behind web standards.

A designer with a wonderful eye for making simple beautiful, or maybe just making beautiful things simple.

The father of CSS Zen Garden...

Daring Fireball
Biased news on everything Apple.

Hmm... not quite sure why this one has stayed on the list. Needless to say it caught my eye.

Web designer with the eye of an artist.

A List Apart
Online web design / standards magazine of sorts.

Great designer with a strong pen.

Left Justified
This guy came out of the gate with a bang, but has tapered off since then...

Veerle's Blog
Graphic and web design tips, tricks, tutorials and humor.

Talented writer who easily expresses her thoughts.

Jeremy Flint
Insightful articles from a designer's perspective.

Joel on Software
Software developer's blog.

Signal vs. Noise
The blog of 37 Signals.

This blogger occasionally says something interesting...

CSS Vault
Gallery of well-designed, straight-css web sites.

Just Watch the Sky
I'm running out of ways to say that this person is a designer with helpful thoughts.

Photo Matt
Thoughts from the creator of Word Press...

Your Creativity Dollars At Work
This blogger caught my eye one day and I haven't stopped reading his site since.

What do I know
Guess what? Another design's weblog...

Adam Polselli
Photographer with a talented eye. I am really drawn to the February 8, 2005 photograph.

Another insightful web designer...

Spark Plug
Firewheel Design's blog.

Web site that points out good and bad design in user interfaces.

Great writer and designer... one of the more obvious influences of my current web design.

Web design writer, er... writing.

as simple as possible, but no simpler
Programmer writing about complex programming ideas which I generally don't understand, but enjoy reading anyway.

Mark Simonson
Part of my attempt to learn more about typography...

Not sure why this one is here...

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Latest Diversions

The inverse power of praise
Should praise focus on intelligence or persistence?

Wildlife conscious vandals...
Who new?

Unlimited e-mail address w/ Google
Apparently you can add a +[any string] between your username and the @ sign in your gmail address - email+spam@gmail.com. Very useful.

Make a ring out of a dime
...if only there was more time.

How to steal a bike in NYC

Ping Pong Ball + Plastic Cup
Equals hours of fun...

Marketing Parody: Apple-style vs. Microsoft-style
The title says it all...

Need to send large e-mails?
DropSend will take care of it for you...

Getty acquires iStockPhoto
Congrats to iStockPhoto - $50 million! I hope it doesn't increase the cost of photos.

Following Benford's Law, or Looking Out for No. 1
Evidently the number 1 turns up as the first digit about 30 percent of the time in numerical data.

Best time to buy everything
The best time to buy plane tickets, a tv, a house, a car, video games & toys.

Integrating Google Maps into Your Web Applications
A well written guide to using Google maps on your web site.

Google Maps + Track Packages
Another nice integration...

Add a Google Map to any web page in less than 10 minutes
Simple, but fully functional map for your web site.

Russian squirrel pack 'kills dog'

Google's Internet
Sam Walton taught Google more about how to dominate the Internet than Microsoft ever did.

Learning to separate value from cost
Set prices based on value, not cost.

A great video clip of a guy juggling a soccer ball while sitting on the ground.

How advanced could a civilization become?
Catagorizing possible civilizations - and we are currently a level 0. A great read.

Google Maps + Weather
See the weather...

Solve for X
Nicely done, MSN.

Microsoft Vista has 20 SKUs, claim
Would you prefer Cruiser Orange, Pumpkin Orange, International Orange, Christen Eagle Red, Madrid Red, Tennessee Red, Pontiac Red, or Santa Fe Red?

Convert Any Image Into Pure Text!
This is just cool.

Web Developer's Handbook
Links galore...

Google Made Opera Browser Free?
Interesting article...

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