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About Focus on the Clouds

Early in my life clouds began to catch my eyes. During school, I couldn’t sit by windows in class without being helplessly distracted. Later in life, if I needed to clear my mind, I’d just step outside...

Soon I began expressing this fascination artistically. In fact, this attraction has been one of the major muses for my photography and, as my domain suggests, this web site. And so it is also the purpose of the web site - to distract you for a few moments by sharing some of the scenes which have taken my attention in the past few years.

Latest Quote

The trouble with being punctual is that nobody’s there to appreciate it.
-Franklin P. Jones


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Latest Diversions

The inverse power of praise
Should praise focus on intelligence or persistence?

Wildlife conscious vandals...
Who new?

Unlimited e-mail address w/ Google
Apparently you can add a +[any string] between your username and the @ sign in your gmail address - email+spam@gmail.com. Very useful.

Make a ring out of a dime
...if only there was more time.

How to steal a bike in NYC

Ping Pong Ball + Plastic Cup
Equals hours of fun...

Marketing Parody: Apple-style vs. Microsoft-style
The title says it all...

Need to send large e-mails?
DropSend will take care of it for you...

Getty acquires iStockPhoto
Congrats to iStockPhoto - $50 million! I hope it doesn't increase the cost of photos.

Following Benford's Law, or Looking Out for No. 1
Evidently the number 1 turns up as the first digit about 30 percent of the time in numerical data.

Best time to buy everything
The best time to buy plane tickets, a tv, a house, a car, video games & toys.

Integrating Google Maps into Your Web Applications
A well written guide to using Google maps on your web site.

Google Maps + Track Packages
Another nice integration...

Add a Google Map to any web page in less than 10 minutes
Simple, but fully functional map for your web site.

Russian squirrel pack 'kills dog'

Google's Internet
Sam Walton taught Google more about how to dominate the Internet than Microsoft ever did.

Learning to separate value from cost
Set prices based on value, not cost.

A great video clip of a guy juggling a soccer ball while sitting on the ground.

How advanced could a civilization become?
Catagorizing possible civilizations - and we are currently a level 0. A great read.

Google Maps + Weather
See the weather...

Solve for X
Nicely done, MSN.

Microsoft Vista has 20 SKUs, claim
Would you prefer Cruiser Orange, Pumpkin Orange, International Orange, Christen Eagle Red, Madrid Red, Tennessee Red, Pontiac Red, or Santa Fe Red?

Convert Any Image Into Pure Text!
This is just cool.

Web Developer's Handbook
Links galore...

Google Made Opera Browser Free?
Interesting article...

Amazon RSS Fields
Top sellers in RSS format for the most popular categories.

Save Your Windows Activation
Reinstall after rebuild with ease...

Download Music Videos
...from iTunes.

Opera is free
...and Google is involved. Anyone surprised?

Monitor space
Maybe I can get the wife to extend my office those four extra feet for my new monitor(s).

Office 12 screenshots
Newly designed toolbar and file menu. Opinion still pending.

Video with new Office 12 Layout Designer
...like the title says.

New Windows Vista Gallery
Pretty pictures of Windows Vista.

How to pay for a house that no longer exists..

Lenticular Cloud
A photo of a rare lenticular cloud.

Google Maps + Virtual Earth
Browse the globe toggling back and forth between Google Maps and MSN's Virtual Earth.

Track visitors to your website using Google Maps
Shows visitors to your web site geographically.

Google Maps + Hotels-X
Find good prices on hotels, by looking at a map.

A Writer's Shortcut to Stronger Writing
Simple thoughts to improve your writing.

Elevator Number Pads Done Right
Someone is finally numbering floors in a inuituive fasion.

2005 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List
A collection of links for developers or the computer-inclined.

Web Color Schemes
A list of color schemes from multiple sites.

DPreview: RAW Viewer from Microsoft
Microsoft has released a RAW viewer for Windows XP.

An Algorithim for Relationships
A programmers view on life...

Google Maps + Cheap Gas
Another Google Maps mod.

Google Maps + Movie Listings
...only available in a few areas (although not sure why).

How is traffic?
Google Maps + Traffic.com.

Textpattern & e-commerce
This article makes the combination of Textpattern and e-commerce sound simple.

Satellites Reveal Interesting Things
...not sure how to explain this one - just click.

Creating Passionate Users
A necessary read for all designers and project managers out there.

Darth Side: Memoirs of a Monster
The most creative and hilarious Star Wars writings I have ever read.

Being Intentional
One of the best ways to be intentional is to be aware of your intentions...

Bookmarks for web developers
A list of useful web design & web-programming tools - updated weekly.

National Geographic Wallpapers
Great wallpapers for your viewing pleasure.

Microsoft to add 'black box' to Windows
Microsoft it is adding the PC equivalent of a flight data recorder to the next version of Windows... Great.

Most Viewed Del.icio.us Links

What a service! This site publicly displays high quality pdfs of the <span class="strikeout">homepages</span> frontpages of Newspapers across the globe.

Helping visualize frequencies and relationships between locations in the Google world news directory.

Make you own annotated multimedia Google Map
Harnessing Google Maps to create an annotated tour of anywhere in the US.

Google Sightseeing Blog
See the world through Google's eyes.

A Columnist's Perspective on Craigslist
If you haven't heard of Craigslist - you should definitely read this article.

Must Have Fireworks Extensions
This article mentions some great add-ons to Macromedia Fireworks.

How to snatch expired domains
Curious how domain expiration works? Mike backordered a domain for $18.95 a week before expiration, but didn't get it until two and a half months and $369 later.

Google now connects us with movie times
Google now connects us with movie times. You can even search for movie references... i.e. try this search: 'movie: I'll be back'

Effective Advertising (Courtesy of 37signals)
3M puts its money where its mouth is...

Google Cheat Sheet
A page listing all of the Google search operators.

Looking for your Creativity?
Got 45 minutes to spare? If so, watch this...

Running Multiple Versions of Internet Explorer on one PC
Ever wish you could run multiple versions of IE on your PC?

Stopdesign: Wired News Documentation
Read section 4 of this documentation if you still have doubts about the power of css.

What If McDonalds Got in the WiMax Business?
802.16 covers 50 square kilometers at 70Mb/sec... imagine an antenna on top of every McDonalds.

A List Apart: Seperating content, presentation and javascript?
Details on seperating javascript from your html...

Pistons' Hamilton heads up tire ad
What great advertising!

Hotmail + Exchange?
Microsoft has combined Hotmail and it's Exchange server!

Textpattern: Flexible Article Placement.
How to specify articles in Textpattern by ID only.

Baby Signing - It's all the rage...
Per Eric Meyers, your baby is ready to start signing when he / she starts to wave good-bye.

A Simple Character Entity Reference
Great list of HTML codes for characters...

BBC NEWS | UK | 100 things we didn't know this time last year
Clinton only sent 2 e-mails while in office!

Gallup Management Journal
Do you know your strengths?

JDueck.Net: Textpattern Semantics
An explanation of sections, pages, forms, and styles...

Textpattern Date Functions
Fine tuning Textpattern dates... i.e. format="j, Y"

Textpattern Forum: Semi-official Documentation List
A grouping of resources stored in the Textpatterns forum.

The Daily Whim: Textpattern Resources and Tutorials
What should you do after a successful installation? Go here.

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